Best Automobile Engines In The World 2009

Ward’s Automotive Group announced the 2009 best engines list, which which people say it would probably reshape the US automotive landscape. Ward’s list is a prestigious recognition brought to the best engines in the automotive industry and it’s seen as the “Oscars” of the engine world. Without further ado, here are the winners.

(NOTE: Alphabetically ordered)
(SOURCE: Autoevolution)

* Audi AG: 2.0L TFSI turbocharged DOHC I-4 (A4 Avant)

* BMW AG: 3.0L turbocharged DOHC I-6 (135i Coupe)

* BMW AG: 3.0L DOHC I-6 Turbo-diesel (335d)

* Chrysler LLC: 5.7L Hemi OHV V-8 (Dodge Ram/Challenger R/T)
2009 Dodge Ram Sport

* Ford Motor Co.: 2.5L DOHC I-4 HEV (Escape Hybrid)
2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

* General Motors Corp.: 3.6L DOHC V-6 (Cadillac CTS)

* Honda Motor Co. Ltd.: 3.5L SOHC V-6 (Accord Coupe)
Honda Accord Coupe Concept

* Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.: 4.6L DOHC V-8 (Genesis)
Picture 2

* Toyota Motor Corp.: 3.5L DOHC V-6 (Lexus IS 350)

* Volkswagen AG: 2.0L SOHC I-4 Turbo-diesel (Jetta TDI)

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4 Responses to “Best Automobile Engines In The World 2009”

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  2. What’s your criteria for best engine (1) performance; (2) longevity; (3) zero problems or defects?

  3. Ullar Vester Says:

    I have a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with a 3.8 liter supercharged V-6 that gets 18-19 mpg in city driving without the air conditioner and 17-18
    mpg with the air conditioner on. At 60 mph it averages 39 mpg and at 65 mph it averages 36 mpg (on a flat highway). Why in the hell didn’t GM make more cars like that?! This car has 192,000 miles on the engine, uses 1 qt. of oil in 7000 miles, and drives like new. It tells me when i have low air pressure in the tires, when it’s due for another oil change. etc., a car that’s truly apleasure to drive.

  4. oil change needs to be done as often as possible to maintain the good performance of any kind of machinery ,~”

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