All Time Greatest Formula 1 Drivers

Stirling Moss has been named the greatest F1 driver of all time by Autocar Formula One guru Alan Henry. Publishing his list in a new book Alan Henry quotes: “One must also consider F1’s man of the moment, Lewis Hamilton. If we revamp this volume in a few years’ time, Lewis should be able to make the top 10.

“The top four positions – Moss, Clark, Senna and Prost have a total of 133 wins between them during their racing careers.

New Zealand’s ‘trio at the top’ showed reasonably well with Amon 13th, Hulme 52nd and McLaren 74th.

“Moss’s versatility was astonishing, separated from the dynamic Clark by only a thin margin, but in the end it is Stirling who gets the nod; perhaps the nature of Jimmy’s exclusive relationship with Lotus counts subconsciously against him,” justified Alan Henry as he revealed his top 100.

Michael Schumacher is 11th on the grid with Alan commenting that his contract conditions, making his team mate do as he was told, left him out of the top 10.

Regardless of Henry’s supposed expertise, some of the people in the top 30 we have trouble even remembering? Guy Moll, anyone? He was killed age 24 after a not too stellar career and he’s higher in the list than Graeme Hill!

If you’re going on wins, obviously this isn’t right because Schumacher should be first by a long way. If you’re going on flair, Moss wasn’t the most flamboyant driver. If you’re going on charisma surely Mansell wouldn’t even feature. Anyway, make up your own minds: it’s a contentious list bound to create controversy wherever it’s mentioned.

1.       Stirling Moss
2.       Jim Clark
3.       Ayrton Senna
4.       Alain Prost
5.       Alberto Ascari
6.       Juan-Manuel Fangio
7.       Bernd Rosemeyer
8.       Jackie Stewart
9.       Tazio Nuvolari
10.     Mika Häkkinen
11.     Michael Schumacher
12.     Gilles Villeneuve
13.     Chris Amon
14.     Tony Brooks
15.     Carlos Reutemann
16.     Achille Varzi
17.     Emerson Fittipaldi
18.     Jack Brabham
19.     Mario Andretti
20.     Niki Lauda
21.     Jochen Rindt
22.     Nelson Piquet
23.     Guy Moll
24.     John Surtees
25.     Ronnie Peterson
26.     Hermann Lang
27.     Dan Gurney
28.     Keke Rosberg
29.     Kimi Räikkönen
30.     Lewis Hamilton
31.     Nigel Mansell
32.     Fernando Alonso
33.     Rudolf Caracciola
34.     Didier Pironi
35.     Jacky Ickx
36.     Alan Jones
37.     James Hunt
38.     Phil Hill
39.     Damon Hill
40.     Mike Hawthorn
41.     Giuseppe Farina
42.     Jody Scheckter
43.     Jean-Pierre Wimille
44.     Graham Hill
45.     François Cevert
46.     Gerhard Berger
47      Pedro Rodriguez
48.     Jean Behra
49.     Jacques Villeneuve
50.     Ricardo Rodriguez
51.     Clay Regazzoni
52.     Denny Hulme
53.     Jean Alesi
54.     Juan Pablo Montoya
55.     Carlos Pace
56.     Louis Chiron
57.     Peter Revson
58.     Jo Siffert
59.     David Coulthard
60.     Felipe Massa
61.     Froilán Gonzalez
62.     Stefan Bellof
63.     Elio de Angelis
64.     Lorenzo Bandini
65.     Riccardo Patrese
66.     Patrick Tambay
67.     Jenson Button
68.     Rubens Barrichello
69.     Martin Brundle
70.     Derek Warwick
71.     Dick Seaman
72.     Patrick Depailler
73.     Peter Collins
74.     Bruce McLaren
75.     Michele Alboreto
76.     Eddie Irvine
77.     Richie Ginther
78.     Jean-Pierre Beltoise
79.     Johnny Servoz-Gavin
80.     Thierry Boutsen
81.     Rene Arnoux
82.     Tony Brise
83.     Tom Pryce
84.     Innes Ireland
85.     Jarno Trulli
86.     John Watson
87.     Luigi Musso
88.     Raymond Sommer
89.     Mike Hailwood
90.     Roy Salvadori
91.     Ralf Schumacher
92.     Wolfgang von Trips
93.     Stuart Lewis-Evans
94.     Jacques Laffite
95.     Eugenio Castellotti
96.     Trevor Taylor
97.     Piers Courage
98.     Stefan Johansson
99.     Jochen Mass
100.   Brian Redman

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