The 15 Worst, Deadliest And Most Amazing Collisions Caught On Tape

Accidents! WOW!
Well, is it just wow?
When we hear any accidents we usually get excited to know how on earth did it happen and obviously it is not boring to hear them. Cars, buses, trucks or any motor-vehicle can be seen meeting an accident usually. The plus point is, life is impossible without transportation, ultimately human selects the easiest way to travel and that is motor operated vehicle.

The increasing population is the main reason for accident (when we observe the chain). But that doesn’t mean we shall stop buying them, that’s just not possible!
There is a cure for every problem and the cure for this problem is ‘traffic system’. Apart from having such scientific inventions, there are lot of crashes, dashes, collisions, smashes…….(goes on).

Do you know why?
We think we are excellent drivers, who can drive fast, overtake, jump, drift, and make noises with their exhaust. But do this have any importance? You must be thinking this is kiddish! ‘This’ overconfident makes it actually happen. There is no use of showing your status with a vehicle, because it shows your status till you’re on your car, than it is finish. Of course you need to get a suitable and comfortable car but we should also think about our brothers and sisters.

In most countries, the traffic control department is increasing the fines for violations. But some guys are really rich, they don’t even bother those fines. More decisions are taken, but worthless.
Here are few accidents (they’re cool), which happened with overconfident, stylish and some who are running away after their business!

1.  A police officer pulled over a car for inspection. What just happened and who was to blame?

2. The trains both were going good. But railway system isn’t so good!

3. A motorcycle vs a 4-door sedan. The sedan ran red lights and the motorcycle driver have to endure the pain.

4. A Mercedes-Benz going 120 mph at the Autobahn in Germany slam into a guardrail and slid for 100 yards backward before coming to a stop.

5. At a Maryland raceway, a race car was destroyed within seconds. Did the driver survived?

6. The first guy was lucky to run away. The road looks dangerous.

7. A police officer was slam into by a bad driver right when he looks up.

8. Crazy car crash at an intersection. Watch the guy crossing the street.

9. On the race track, Tetsuya Ota got slammed into by another car after stopping. So many people were hurt in this horrific accident.

10. Bruce Allen experienced one of the deadliest crash while racing.

11. Due to car problems and misfortune, the driver and passenger nearly drown in mud.

12. Did the reporter expect this?

13. On a normal day, a truck accidentally crash through the wall and into the building. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt!

14. While testing, the driver lost control and his car flip through the air a few times before landing.

15. How smart is this? Please do not try this stupid stunt.


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