Modern Muscle Cars: Top 10


Originally a muscle car could be described as a monster V-8 stuffed into a mid-size Detroit sedan with whatever suspension mods were available. Times have changed. Now we describe as a muscle car any 4-seater with massive horsepower (which could even come from a V-6), country of origin unimportant. If you want cheap performance buy a sport compact but if your enthusiasm remains with the deep growl of a multi-cylinder engine, the cars listed here should more than satisfy your 0-60 urges.

1. Cadillac CTS-C
A rejuvenated Cadillac has set its sights on performance, traveling far from hometown proving grounds to Germany’s fabled Nurburgring race track in order to fine-tune the handling. “V” is your cue if you’d like your Cadillac to run with Europe’s best. And indeed it does.

2. Chrysler 300 Hemi
Your Guide is not a fan of the 300’s upright styling, gunslit windows, and “get outta my way” grille but we’d never utter a whisper against the Hemi engine’s rear-drive performance. Good old Americana presented for a new millenium, probably the most affordable of all the cars listed here.

3. Pontiac GTO
Can an Australian Murano be Americanised enough to satisfy US buyers? GM thought so when it attempted to revive the GTO without spending a small fortune. The Aussies have always built hot racers, and this one, fitted with a Corvette engine, is no exception.

4. Acura TL
Now the foreigners get into the game. And why not? If this be the muscle car Olympics, everyone should be eligible. The all-new TL is loaded with power plus every techno-trick to keep it on the road. Purists may resent front-wheel-drive but beware, because driving technique wins every time.

5. Infiniti G35
What we said about the TL applies equally here. Infiniti, however, has pushed it to the max, with bold styling and an award-winning V-6 engine. Drive this car and don’t worry about the big V-8s of the past. You are the future. If only your future included those 60’s GTO prices.

6. Jaguar S-Type R
Perhaps we’re pushing it to suggest a Jaguar as a muscle car. But the sedan behind the soul of the current S-Type R took on the best of American muscle cars in 60’s road racing and frequently finished out front. The new model is ferociously fast and still manages to look cool.

7. Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG
No, AMG does not stand for “almighty God!” though that’s what you might shout when the slam-in-the-back acceleration of this one hits you. Forget 0-60, think 0-150. In truth, AMG is Mercedes’ performance division, adding tons of power while still remaining elegant and luxurious.

8. Volvo S60 R
The days when Volvos were best known for safety and undistinguished styling are long gone, and nothing shows off the change better than the “R” version of Volvo’s mid-range sedan. With a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive it may not fit the classic definition of a muscle car, so think 300 hp and 6-speed manual.

9. BMW M3
Back in the late 70’s BMW set the standard for letter cars with its sensational M racing coupes. The 3-Series is compact by muscle car standards but with 333 hp, who cares? “M” in this instance definitely means muscle.

10. Bentley Continental GT
Okay, maybe a $250,000 coupe is pushing the paramaters but surely we’re entitled to have a little fun here, folks. If you can disregard the price consider that the new Continental has 4-seats, rear drive, and comes with a twin-turbo W-12 engine boasting 552 hp. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. Get some

  2. Great Site!

  3. Mike Hunt Says:

    Who ever made this list is a complete dumb ass

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