Ugliest Cars: Top 10

Here are the great list of cars who have made a WORLD RECORD. They got the position for the ugliest cars. How on the world could producers create such cars. Anyway enjoy!

1. Pontiac Aztek: This luxurious cars made the biggest record in Vehiclez. Pontiac has been working for this stylish car, that’s for sure. No matter it has some features, it is not liked for its over-horrible front side and rest body. Wayne Cherry, designer, has designed this car who also designed the  famous modern classics like Pontiac Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. Cherry had his bad lucks lighten  when he designed Aztek.

2. Fiat Multipla: Nice family car and it is quite perfect for a family with six members. But it looks very curvy and it is. It has not one pair of headlights, but two. this is what makes it so weird. Fiat still produces Multipla, with a new version. No matter new one looks better; no one is going to forget its predecessor.

3. SsangYong Rodius: Korean automaker SsangYong Motor Company has created this automobile in 2004 with good success in australia in 2006. The mistake made by SsangYong is similar to Fiat’s Multipla. It is too stylish, which makes it ugly. But Vehiclez appreciates its rims.

4. Austin Allegro/Vanden Plas: Looks good but ugly. This car’s most unfavorable condition is it has Rolls-Royce style grille that looks crap on a compact saloon. This old car is far better than above cars which are much newer. Don’t forget this one’s position is 4.

5. Porsche Cayenne: We know it is surprising a luxurious car to be ugly. But it is the truth, this car faces certain problems.

6. AMC Pacer: This racing-looking car isn’t so bad. But because of it’s unruled structure it has got bad names. This car is mostly posed at the back because the front is much horrible.

7. Ford Scorpio: This type of car must have been seen in action movies. The car has cool smiling beak. The lights looks weak and back isn’t polished.

8. Hummer: Nowadays it is famous with high inch rims. No one will agree this that hummer is one of them. Actually hummer is over-sized. If you have seen a Hummer in ordinary roads, you must have realized that it face problems for it”s size.

9. Austin Princess/Ambassador: Originally known as the Austin/Morris/Wolseley 18-22, it was subsequently rebranded as the Princess (the death knell for Wolseley as a brand name) and later facelifted as the Ambassador.

10. Chrysler PT Cruiser: This retro-styled compact automobile isn’t so good. Chrysler still manufactures it; but looks boring.


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